Best Places to Visit in D.C.

Washington, D.C. is an adventure come true for anyone who is interested in history, politics, learning, and adventure. It is the U.S. capital, home of the White House and The President of the United States of America. And while this is a visit that you’ll want to include on the itinerary, there’s a plethora of additional hotspots to schedule time to visit when you’re with the DC tour bus. Some of the top spots to visit when you’re in D.C. include the spots below.

Arlington National Cemetery

The oldest national cemetery in the U.S., Arlington is the final resting place for many of our men and women who proudly wore a US military uniform. The cemetery is located across from the Potomac River, so you have a secondary adventure ready and waiting once you leave.

Botanical Gardens

The D.C. Botanical Gardens are among the most beautiful that you’ll ever experience.  So many beautifully refreshing plants, flowers, and vegetation exist at the gardens. Start or end your D.C. tour with a stop here and enjoy soothing attractions that fill your heart with delight.

L’Enfant Plaza

The stunning L’Enfant Plaza is home to a plethora of retailers and restaurants where you can shop ’til you drop and eat ’til you bust! More than 1,400 in total, in fact. You can find a great suit or enjoy a great meal with a stop at the plaza included on your itinerary!

Capitol Hill

DC tour bus

The Peace Monument at the Capitol is one of the best attractions in D.C. It is an attraction that you shouldn’t miss. But, Capitol Hill offers so much for its visitor you simply must make your way to this area. The Library of Congress and the U.S. Supreme Court Building are found in this area.